Umbraco Production

simplified, controlled, liberated

Component Based

Everything is built from simple to understand interlinking blocks defined in a pattern library.

Separate Workspaces

Create the frontend and backend in separate environments. Work togther without conflict.

Managed Integration

The pain of integration has been solved using a contract that connects the two environments.


A progressive pattern library for creating design systems and documenting the impact of state and context on evolving sites.


Simple integration into Umbraco using generated viewmodels to directly map to content properties. In control without understanding any of the UI detail.


Taking advantage of the managed interface to automate production for faster site creation.
Allowing developers to concentrate on delivering better value.

Definition scaffolding

use schema short-hand to describe complex UI definitions in Trello or text files and create initial markup, schema and style files.
Available as part of the collaborate packages

Building Umbraco

Integrate UI blocks and pages, crafting a Umbraco implementation without manually creating any of the structure, content or media. Then tweak to fit your content model.

The Bodyless Website

For simpler sites, Yuzu can integrate and build whole Umbraco websites without the need for ANY code.

For anything more complex attach custom code to fill any block or block properties

Inversion of control for the UI.

UI Definition

  • Project quickstart
  • Integrated pattern library
  • In page states changes
  • Basic CLI

UI Delivery

  • Viewmodel generation
  • Pre-integration for Grids, Forms, Members

UI Delivery

  • CMS automation
  • Integrated bespoke mapping
  • Integrated manual mapping
  • Licensed per computer (create unlimited sites)

£35 per seat

£385 per seat Get one month free vs. monthly!


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Start using Yuzu today

Yuzu is available as two products; an open-source core and a paid-for automation layer that comes with a 60-day free trial.

Our quickstart setup creates a clean base as a good starting point and we have created three different demo sites to show common scenarios, available on Github.


Lets work together

We are working closely with a limited number of agencies and freelancers, implementing Yuzu and refining how the process works for other teams. We'll provide training and/or work in production to create sites together.

A limited opportunity to work closely with us and learn from our experience. Helping you to get a head start and get the most out of Yuzu.


Let us build it for you

Our agency, HiFi uses Yuzu and is available to hire as an external resource. We'll set up your site using our best practices so that your team can better understand Yuzu and use the code we produce as a solid base to develop further.

We are looking for sites that are content first or fully designed. We only take on a limited number of projects per year.